This is our current updated scent list as of 09/13/2019

Antique Cider: A spicy blend of apple cider & fall spices. Reminiscent of a crisp, fall evening.

Apple Butter: A reminiscent, pleasantly sweet combination of fresh apples, sugar, and spice.

Apple Jack & Peel Type*: Similar type to the Claire Burke scent. Yummy scent of baked apples, cinnamon, spice and a twist of citrus.

Apple Pie: The aroma of fresh cut granny smith apples, smothered in butter, cream & cinnamon, with a background of fresh baked crust.

Arabian Sandalwood: A woodsy sandalwood aroma softened with delicate florals notes.

Autumn Lodge Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. A welcoming warm aroma of aged wood, with light pumpkin undertones & glowing fireplace hearth.

Autumn Mist: A welcoming fall blend of earth tones and spices.. Perfect to bring in the season.

Baby Powder: The fresh & gentle scent of a fresh, clean baby. Simply a perfect fragrance!

Balsam Fir: Fresh Pine Aroma that will remind you of Christmas.

Barbershop: A masculine clean scent is a perfect combination of old time barbershop aromas including cedarwood, amber, powder and musk. A customer favorite!  

Beach Flowers Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. The lovely scent of tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms balanced with soft watery notes.

Birthday Cake: A sweet buttery bouquet reminiscent of vanilla cake.

Black Coconut Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. A unique, creamy, buttery coconut variation.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Similar type to the Bath & Body Works. Blend of blackberries, raspberries, white floral musk & vanilla

Black Ops: Similar to the Armani "Black Code" designer fragrance. Oriental, alluring, masculine aroma that begins with citrus top notes of bergamot, and fresh lemon; leading to a middle note of olive flower; and sitting on base notes of Amber, Tonka bean and Guiac woods.

Blueberry Cobbler: Top notes of butter & juicy blueberries with a background of freshly ground cinnamon bark & warm vanilla.

Bourbon Pipe Tobacco: The popular scent of fresh pipe tobacco infused with warm, rich bourbon.

Brandy Pear Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Rich smell of baked pear in a sugary confection with a hint of brandy.

Bubblegum:  Smells just like the old Bazooka type gum from your childhood.

Butterbeer: Inspired by Harry Potter. Sweet, butterscotch cream soda scent is the best way we can describe this. Just like we thought Butterbeer would smell like!

Butter Cream Icing:  Tahitian Vanilla, powdered sugar & butter rum whipped with sweet churned butter to create the perfect fluffy and decadent confection.    

Butt Naked:  A crisp, sexy scent that is uniquely different & just fun! Fresh green apples, tart pineapples, juicy melons and cherry pie scents come together in a sugary vanilla base. A customer favorite!  

Candy Corn:  A warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter with a slight down of almond.

Cannabis Flower: Shimmering green fern & cannabis notes unfold to reveal a rich floral accord of violet & gardenia in this fantasy scent. A warm blend of cashmere wood surrounds the floral scent, with undertones of musk and golden amber. (This is a fragrance oil ONLY,  there is NO real Cannabis used in the making of this oil)

Caramel Candy:  A buttery, toffee caramel aroma of caramel candy from the candy store.

Cashmere & Silk: Soft, sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli & musk accented by rose, violet, apricot & creamy coconut milk.

Cedarwood: Warm earthy scent of cedar, with base notes of vanilla and musk.

Chamomile:  Wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs.

Chance Type*: Similar type to the Chanel Perfume Scent. Beautiful notes of citrus accord, hyacinth, iris, jasmine, pink pepper, patchouli, veliver, amber, white musk, vanilla.

Cherry Pipe Tobacco: Ripe black cherries, creamy vanilla that’s smooth, slightly aromatic with smoky undertones of pipe tobacco. Smells just like the tobacco Grandpa used to smoke! (we also have this in Vanilla as well) One of our Best Sellers!

Chocolate Covered Cherries:  A lovely medley of black cherries & maraschino cherries embodied in milk & dark chocolate. 

Christmas Cookie Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. The amazing aroma of freshly baked Christmas cookies, you’ll love every delicious note in this buttery rich, vanilla scent!

Christmas Memories: Orange peel and cranberry sauce with middle notes of cinnamon sticks and freshly ground cloves with notes of evergreen and pine cones.

Cigar (Remy Latour) Type* Perfume Oil: Similar type to the popular Remy LaTour cologne fragrance. An Innovative, masculine scent, that is intense, powerful & fresh. This scent has scents of bergamot, lemons, pears & pineapples. Aromatic floral notes of marigold, jasmine, geranium & bay leaves. Then it leaves you with wonderful aromatic, low notes of cedar, patchouli, & sandalwood blended with tobacco & musk to create this amazing, alluring scent you will not soon forget! 

Cinnamon Bark: A rich cinnamon, woodsy aroma reminiscent of an old-fashioned Holiday & the cinnamon pine cones you can find in stores during the holidays.

Cinnamon Red Hots: Sweet, cinnamon red hot smell, just like the popular candy.

Cinnamon Sugar:  Sweet cinnamon fragrance mixed with warm sugar makes this scent so very yummy.

Citus & Basil: A refreshing blend of citrus & herbs! Sweet basil, lime, and wild mint joining together with geranium, linden blossom, and cyclamen.

Clove: Spicy, invigorating scent of true clove.

Coconut Bay Type*: Similar type to the "discontinued" Yankee Candle Scent. An intoxicating scent of wind-swept palms and coconut milk. Hard to find scent these days since it is discontinued but we can make the copy of it!

Coffee Cake & Spices: Rich, buttery coffee cake with fragrant spices with butter, sugar cinnamon & nutty vanilla scents.

Coffee Caramel Cream: Nice coffee caramel fragrance that reminds you of the popular coffee shop scent.

Cognac & Cubans: The smell of money, status and masculinity are wrapped into this blend of aromatic bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety cognac essences and rich, spiced tobacco leaves.

Cotton Candy Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. The scent of this boardwalk favorite is perfectly captured in all its pure, sticky sweet delight.

Coppertone Type*: Similar type to the Suntan Lotion Scent. Your favorite summertime scent, lotion, sun & sand scent in a bottle! .

Country Spice:  The rich scents of warm country kitchen come alive with spices & pumpkin with just a hint of something extra. Not just for the Holidays anymore!

Cranberry Relish: Wonderful fresh, tart cranberry smell!

Crisp Clean Air: Top notes of fresh clover & ivy with middle notes of baby’s breath, periwinkle & lily of the valley.

Dark Cherry: Very deep, fresh picked classic cherry smell! 

Deadly Weapon: A sexy, masculine, intoxicating scent. An intense mixture of clove, black pepper, cardamom, smooth frankincense and rich leather.  A definite "must smell"!

Dragons Blood: For its intoxicating aroma, Dragon’s Blood resin was used in ancient medieval times & is still popular today for burning as incense & in rituals. With exotic, dark & sensuous notes of warm amber, rich resin & earthy patchouli, this scent is sure to mesmerize!

Eggnog: Strong notes of buttercream vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove.

Egyptian Musk:  A clean, light & delicate musk with woodsy undertones, a touch of citrus & a hint of mystery.

Elf Sweat:  A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles.

Eucalyptus: Sweet, fresh, natural & refreshing smell with top camphor notes. Amazing!

Evergreen: Crisp, fresh evergreen Garland scent gives you a holiday feel & warms your heart anytime of year.

Fierce Type Copycat Perfume Oil: Our impression of the popular fragrance. One of our BEST Sellers!

Frankincense & Myrrh: Captures the true essence of real frankincense & myrrh’s sweet, herbaceous top notes are reminiscent of fresh incense & are well-balanced with floral notes of lilac, myrrh & real olibanum. Perfect scent for the holidays or any time in between.

Frosty Pear Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Sweet perfume of perfectly ripe, just-picked juicy pears with a touch of peppermint.

Fresh Linen: Soft subtle notes of powder & musk, similar to downy fabric softener with hints of jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk & French vanilla.

Gain Type*: Similar type to the popular Gain laundry detergent!

Gardenia: The intoxicating beauty of lush gardenia flowers. A truly lovely scent!

Georgia Peach: The fragrant aroma of fresh summertime peaches!

Gingerbread Man: Warm vanilla ginger spices & cinnamon smells homemade & fresh from the oven.

Golden Sands Type: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower & warm tonka beans. 

Grandma's Kitchen:  The aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks.

Granny's Pecan Pie: Aroma of fresh southern pecans smothered in a pralines and butter sauce, with a baked crust.

Grapevine: Fruity, vintage scent of grape berries with a hint of warm wood.

Harvest Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. A spicy blend of cinnamon bark & clove bud on a dry down of musk.

Hawaiian Breeze: Ocean winds meet fragrant tropical fruits, pineapple & plumeria.

Holly Berry: Well-balanced blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove & lemon rinds.

Home for the Holidays Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Top notes of bay leaves, orange & lemon followed by middle notes of spruce, pine, clove & rounded out with base notes of eucalyptus, pine & amber.

Honey & Oatmeal: Mouth-watering notes of oatmeal, sweet cream butter, cinnamon, raisins, & honey with notes of vanilla, brown sugar & maple.

Honeysuckle: Intoxicating sweet scent of golden honeysuckle nectar.

Hot Chocolate: Aroma of warm hot chocolate with melted vanilla marshmallow topping.

Hyacinth: A fresh, floral scent of fresh hyacinth flowers in the garden.

Hydrangea: The wonderful, heady aroma of the flower. Sure to bring back memories.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Type*: Similar type to the Bath & Body Works Fragrance. Wonderful scent of Sakura cherry blossoms.

Jasmine Orchards: Sweet floral jasmine with hints of lemon & bergamot.

Kentucky Bourbon: Dark & sophisticated with notes of bourbon, rum and cognac with spicy clove, leather and oak cask. 

Kettle Corn: A new sweet and salty favorite! The PERFECT blend of Popcorn, Sugar, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Caramel, and just a hint of Salt.

Lavender Fields: Wonderful aroma of true lavender fields blowing in the wind.

LeatherDistinct, rich and sensual, our Leather fragrance oil embodies the warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather, classic & timeless.

Lemon Cupcake: The smell of lovely Lemon Pound Cake baking in the kitchen.

Lemongrass:  Smells like the lemongrass plant in full summertime bloom.

Lilac: Nature’s loveliest spring bloom scents, perfect garden lilacs.

Lumberjack: A warm, sexy, woodsy masculine scent perfect for sprays or scenting your beard oil!

Mango Peach Salsa Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. A sweet, zesty scent of mangoes, juicy peaches, citrus, ginger & pink pepper.

Maple Syrup Pancakes: Pure, buttery sweet maple pancake aroma warms your tummy as you smell it!

Maple Butter Cheesecake: Sweet creamy butter blended with rich maple syrup, warm, rich vanilla in a graham cracker crust.

Melon Ball: Juicy blend of ripe mango, papaya & watery melon.

Meyer Lemon:  A sweet, happy fragrance! A garden bursting with the aroma of sweet lemons, melons and ripe pineapple wedges, Meyer Lemon is one of a kind!

MidSummer's Night Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Intense, intoxicating & slightly masculine, this blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany is always a hit!

Monkey Farts: Two of a monkey's favorite fruits, coconut & bananas make this a fun, tropical scent favorite. Kids love the scent!

Moonlight Path: Top notes of delicate pink rose & Asian jasmine. Enhanced with soft violets. Lingering base notes of sweet musk enhanced by unique woodsy notes

Mountain Lake Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Ruggedly strong with outdoor freshness, perfect for the adventurer.

Nag Champa: The aroma of incense, patchouli, sandalwood, magnolia & dragon's blood working together to create this wonderful, intoxicating blend. Similar to the SATYA SAI BABA scent, One of our BEST sellers!

Orange Cream Dream: A refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling.

Paradise Spice Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Exotic island treasure of perfectly ripe banana, creamy vanilla spiced with cinnamon & clove.

Patchouli: Wonderful, intoxicating vintage, retro scent reminiscent of Hippie days past with dark, musky-earthy floral aromas.

Patchouli BlossomThe same wonderful aroma of Patchouli with an additional touch of vanilla & rose.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie: Rich, buttery, freshly baked aroma of real peanut butter & oatmeal cookies.

Peppermint Sugar: The perfect blend of bold peppermint & sweet vanilla sugar.

Pumpkin Apple Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Cinnamon, nutmeg & fall's rich baking spices, are layered with crisp red apples and pumpkin that's been sliced and sprinkled with a pinch of brown sugar. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Creamy blend of pumpkins with a touch of cardamom, brown sugar & graham cracker crust!

Pumpkin Spice: An aroma of sweet pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove & ginger with buttery vanilla notes.

Pure Seduction Type*: Similar type to the Victoria's Secret Scent. Beautiful combination of Melon, Plum & Freesia makes you feel irresistible.

Rain Barrel: Fresh watery tones, crisp ozone & highlights of lemon. Leafy greens balance with lavender & warm cedar wood. Sensuous amber undertones & clear musky elements complete the fresh sensation.

Red Berry & Cedar Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. This sweetly scent reflects a warm, relaxed, sense of style & features bursts of red berry and cedar.

Red Velvet Cake: This fragrance begins with top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup & red currant with middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk, & sugar cane on a base of creamy sandalwood, Tonka bean & vanilla extract.

Refined Rebel: Sweet Vanilla & fresh Citrus with a darker undertone of Tobacco and Charred Whiskey Barrels. A perfect blend of light & dark, just like that Refined Rebel man you love so much.

Relaxation: A relaxing blend of French Lavender & Fir Pine, with Egyptian Jasmine & sweetened with pure Vanilla & delicate musks.

Rose: Fresh, familiar floral scent for you or your rooms. Just like standing in your favorite rose garden.

Rootbeer: Smells just like the classic rootbeer soda you know & love.

Sage: Herbal mixture with relaxing properties of cedar leaf, eucalyptus, cedarwood, fresh pine, and earthy sage.

Sandalwood/Vanilla: The beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla & earthy Indian sandalwood.

Sawdust: Fresh cut wood at it's finest. Clean & fresh as the country air!

Scottish Pine: A warm earthy scent with hints of apples & peaches mixed beautifully with woody fir balsam, spruce & cedar that are reminiscent of a fresh pine forest.

Secret Waterfall: Sweet blend of jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall.

Sinus Relief: Cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus & mint. Great for stuffed up noses!

Snow Cream: A frosty fresh combination of peppermint & vanilla with just a kiss of sugar.

Spellbound Type*: Similar type to the Estee Lauder scent. This oriental fragrance with floral notes, was launched in 1991. It is passionate, delicate, slightly spicy heart of the composition: orange blossom, daffodil, carnation, cardamom. Top notes are rose, citrus & apricot. The base is made of sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and amber.

Spiced Cranberry: Blend of cranberry relish & orange zests with hints of ginger, nutmeg & cinnamon.

Strawberry: The familiar fresh picked strawberry scent you know & love.

Stress Reliever: Similar to the Bath & Body scent. Eucalyptus & Spearmint scent is sure to clear your mind & uplift your spirit!

Storm Watch Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. A cleansing ocean breeze before the storm!

Stormy Nights: Fresh air, white flowers with middle notes of ylang ylang & tuberose, balanced with base notes of patchouli and musk.

Sugar Cookies: Warm butter cookie, with a background of vanilla.

Teakwood & Cardamom: An exotic, masculine blend of teakwood surrounded by rich spices of cardamom, cinnamon & clove with base notes of cedar, amber, sandalwood & patchouli.

True Banana: True, sweet banana that smells like it’s fresh picked from the tree.

Vanilla Pipe Tobacco: Creamy smooth vanilla with slightly aromatic with smoky undertones of pipe tobacco. Smells just like the tobacco Grandpa used to smoke! (we also have this in Cherry as well)

Very Vanilla: Sweet classic vanilla that brings back the childhood memories & ice cream trucks. Enough said!

Watermelon Seeds: A fresh fruit blend of melons, peaches & strawberries with a hint of vanilla.

Whiskey River: A rich, intoxicating Bourbon & Whiskey aroma that will tease your senses.

Witches Brew Type*: Similar type to the Yankee Candle Scent. Spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell.

Woods by A&F Type*  Perfume/Cologne Oil: Our impression of the popular fragrance . A woodsy, aromatic and spicy notes blended with deep, woody musk, vetiver, rosemary, clove and cedarwood. We hope you like our version!

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