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Hello, welcome to our site! We are Michael & Teresa Holt (MT Scents) 

We created a new bath and body business based in Ohio.  Being a husband & wife team, we take great pride in creating all natural products that do great things for your body & the atmosphere of your home!  Our products include yummy,  richly scented wax tarts to scent your home & we've heard from our customers that our lip balms & SUGAR Scrub Lip Balms are some of the best lip products you will ever put on your lips! We also make an emollient body butter cream & our best-selling all natural non-greasy thick soy cream that your dry skin will thank you for!  The newest product in our store is our wonderful Room & Body Sprays that you can get custom made in ANY of the candle scents we offer! These are unique, fun scents you will not find in every other store.  All of our items are handmade & MADE to order so everything you order is fresh when you receive it.  MT Scents carries unique scents like Patchouli, Nag Champa & Cannabis Flower along with lots of the familiar scents you know & love.  We know that several of our unique scents can't be found at your local dollar stores! 

We absolutely strive to create only natural products that are good for your body, with little to no chemicals included.  The less chemicals, the better for your skin & your environment! Take a look at the ingredients of some of your normal, department store products. You will be very surprised at the store brands ingredient list! Lots of water to water the products down so they profit more, plus to many chemical names you can't even pronounce.  You would be shocked to know how little the FDA regulates bath & body products & how lax their guidelines actually are.  Before they go on our website, our products are tested on ourselves, and eager volunteers of family and friends to make sure that our products are the best! You can rest assured that all of our items are handmade & made from the heart with a superior quality you will feel, taste & smell!  So come and take a look at our products, you just might find something you like!

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Michael & Teresa

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