Hand & Body Lotion

After a nice relaxing shower or bath, or if you just have dry hands...
moisturize yourself with our goats milk lotion. It will leave you soft and smooth! 

Coming Soon!!!

THICK Soy Body Cream

A  rich, luxurious all natural SOY formula will bathe your skin in skin-loving ingredients, providing a luxurious treat for every body part. Thick & totally hydrating, it will leave you feeling soft and sexy. Try it on those rough summer problem areas! 

All this with NO GREASY feel! 

***Our customers LOVE this cream***


You will have many scents to choose from:

Unscented, Baby Powder, Beach Flowers Type, Black Coconut,

Brandy Pear Type, Bubblegum, Buttercream, Caramel Candy,

Cucumber Melon, Dark Cherry, Dragons Blood, Fallen Leaves, 

Golden Sands Type,Hot Chocolate, Nag Champa, Juicy Apple, 

Lavender Fields, Lemon Cupcake, Moonlight Path, Oceanside Type

Orange Cream Dream, Paradise Spice Type, Perfectly Patchouli, 

Pumpkin Patch, Red Berry & Cedar, Relaxation,

Root Beer, Sandalwood/Vanilla, Sassy Strawberry, Sugar Cookies,

Sinus Relief, Storm Watcher, Sugar Cookies, Too Sexy!!,

Very Vanilla, Waikiki Melon Type, Wake Up Roast